Our Services

Our list of high profile clients are in markets like yachts, international cruise ships, navy vessels, five-star hotels, country clubs and cinemas. There’s a good chance you already had the pleasure of enjoying our luxurious, bespoke fittings.

Interior Fit-outs

Tat Wai’s suite of services include marine and land fit-outs, with the construction and conversion of existing spaces according to the owners’ needs. We possess the expertise to design, manufacture, supply and install to any applicable standards and classification, whether it’s a pricing exercise, a full-scale tender, or an on-site installation.

Our capabilities comprise of the entire supply spectrum from single material supply and installation, to full turn-key projects, for land-based construction and installation, as well as for any vessel that’s heading to the sea.

Material & Manpower Supply

Our company provides a one-stop service for your project material needs. From fire-proof materials to high-quality interior finishes, all materials are certified and approved for marine, offshore and land building applications, meeting the strictest requirements of relevant authorities. Ample manpower is also supplied to ensure smooth installation and on-site assembly. Quality assurance is practically a given in all our deliverables.

Technical Design

As we embark on a project, we are able to produce initial drawings using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and various design tools. We work closely with your designers to produce drawings that satisfy your aspirations. For projects that are still at the planning stage, we are able to create initial design concepts for clients’ consideration. We also take pride in ensuring fast turnaround times, with prompt amendments to help expedite the approval process.

Project Management

From concept to the finishing touch, we will ensure your requirements are met. Tat Wai’s years of varied experience with complex and fast-paced projects have empowered us with the foresight and knowledge to complete a project successfully. Careful planning and specifications, tight controls and procedures, immediate responses and clarifications, with the resourcefulness in handling critical issues, are some of the strengths we take pride in. Indeed, they have been vital to our success as well as our clients’.

Project management activities include:

  • Initial planning and budgeting, including preparation of work specification
  • Review of drawings
  • Material, colour and furniture selection
  • Fixture and fitting sourcing
  • Material manufacturing and supply
  • Contract administration
  • Onsite project supervision
  • Quality control and rectification
  • Complete certification

Furniture Fabrication & Installation

Tat Wai’s success stems from our ability to meet the clients’ expectations and to deliver our projects within the time frame, while adhering to the budget. We also offer a full range of customised furniture, manufactured to each individual client’s specifications. This enables us to manage the material costs as well as the delivery schedules without third party involvement. Additionally, we provide on-site fitting work anywhere in the world, so we truly offer a one-stop solution for our clients.

…backed by a diverse portfolio, we plan to scale and expand into regional markets.